LIVE MEGATHREAD 🔴: Gen Z Protests in Kenya 2024

Live reporting on the 2024 Gen Z Protests in Kenya

LIVE MEGATHREAD 🔴: Gen Z Protests in Kenya 2024
Gen Z protestors taking to the streets to protest against the 2024 Finance Bill in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo by Hassan Kibwana / Unsplash

The youth of Kenya took the country and the world by storm when they organized and staged the biggest protests the country has seen in decades. The protests, originally against the Finance Bill of 2024, have morphed into a juggernaut, encompassing numerous issues facing the country. In this live megathread, we'll report on the happenings of the 2024 Gen Z protests in Kenya daily, starting with the latest daily updates and ending with the initial moments of the uprising.

Update: July 15, 2024:
This post has become too long, now at 15,500 words, and we have opted to start a new post (part 2) to continue our daily coverage of the Gen Z protests. Read it below.
[Part 2] Kenya Protests Live Megathread🔴🇰🇪: Gen Z Protests in Kenya 2024
Part 2 of the Kenya Protests Live Megathread covering the Gen Z protests in Kenya 2024

July 13th, 2024: More Bodies Retrieved from Kware Dumpsite as Controversy Mounts on the Number of Bodies Retrieved

Sadly, more bodies have been retrieved from the Kware dumpsite where several bodies had been discovered and retrieved yesterday.

The actual number of retrieved bodies has, however, been marred with controversy with the people on the ground saying that 18 bodies have been retrieved so far while mainstream media report only 11 bodies retrieved. The people on the ground have refuted these reports, cautioning the media against being used by the authorities to report the wrong figures.

The issue has created some confusion with government agencies saying that of the several sacks retrieved, some had body parts, others had whole bodies, and others only had garbage.

The events surrounding the discovery of the bodies have also been somewhat bizarre, with one of the residents of Kware allegedly seeing her sister in a dream who guided her to the dump site.

Impromptu Protests in Nairobi CBD

On the bodies being retrieved, angry youth engaged the police in a scuffle, pelting stones, with the police firing tear gas to disperse them.

The mobs then accompanied the remains to City Mortuary in Nairobi and marched all the way to CBD where they held impromptu protests.

There was also unrest in Pipeline area in reaction to the discovery of more bodies in Kware.

Many Kenyans have noted that the fact that such gruesome murders occurred under the Ruto regime undernotes the authorities' complacency. According to them, the police would much rather kill protestors on the streets than do their actual job and protect citizens.

Responses to the Kware Dumpsite Discovery

President Ruto's response to the discovery of the bodies is that the government will ensure that those responsible will be held accountable and face the full extent of the law.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga condemned the murders and called for justice for the victims' families.

Sadly, one of the disgraced opulent MPs had this to say.

He was, however, quickly put in his place by users on X.

The IMF Rebuked for Insistence to Continue Having a Hand in Kenya's Finances

The International Monetary Fund, IMF has been rebuked for its insistence on continuing to have a hand in Kenya's finances. The ridicule came after the IMF released a statement commenting on their role in Kenya.

The Gen Zs have asked the IMF to keep off Kenya and stop meddling in the country's issues via their alleged monetary policies.

Gen Zs Call for Protests on Tuesday 16th July

Gen Zs on social media have called for protests on Tuesday 16th July as they continue their onslaught against Ruto's presidency.

The planned Tuesday protests are slated to be held countrywide, with expectations of a good number of Gen Zs taking to the streets to demand government accountability and the president's resignation.

Activist Miguna Miguna had this piece of advice for the president.

Kasmuel McOure, one of the prominent figures in the protest, had this to say about Ruto. Users also noted his suave style in the protests.

One user on X noted how nepotism has been entrenched in the current regime.

Another called for Kenyans to do away with tribalism.

Content creator Kimanzi, on his X account, decried a row between flood victims in Kiambaa and their MP who is withholding relief food meant to help them recover from the effects of flooding earlier this year.

#OccupyTSC: TSC Boss Nancy Macharia on the Spotlight

Gen Zs have also turned their attention to Nancy Macharia who heads the Teacher's Service Commission, TSC. According to Gen Zs, she has continually undermined teachers by downgrading education graduates to junior secondary school interns and refusing to pay teachers who fled North Eastern Kenya following attacks by Al-Shabaab.

Nancy Macharia has also been accused of giving politicians TSC employment letters to "give to their relatives and girlfriends".

July 12th: Police Inspector General Japheth Koome Resigns Following Pressure from Gen Zs

Police Inspector General Japheth Koome today resigned following mounting pressure from Gen Zs. The conduct of the police in efforts to quell the Gen Z protests, since they started on 25th June, resulted in more than 40 deaths, with numerous abductions of those involved in the movement reported. Consequently, President Ruto has been under increasing pressure to fire Koome.

The IG, however, decided to resign with state house reporting that the president accepted his resignation today. Koome will be replaced by Douglas Kanja who'll now be the acting IG.

Koome's resignation has been welcomed by the Gen Zs, and Kenyans in general, as they continue to decry raging police brutality, heavy-handed clampdown on protests, and the violation of the rights of the protestors.

What Happened During the Second Day of the Azimio Protests?
Yesterday was a much darker day for the country as Azimio leader Raila Odinga and his daughter Winnie Odinga were targets of heavy police clampdown.

Read more on how the police have been heavy-handed in their clampdown on protests under Koome

Koome's tenure has been marked with numerous cases of police brutality witnessed across the country, especially during protests where, for instance, over 70 people were killed by the police during the post-election protests in 2022. Japheth Koome's departure comes on the same day President Ruto made numerous changes in the police force.

Kenyan Police Inspector General Japheth Koome Threatens to Arrest Raila Odinga and Azimio Leaders over the Azimio Protests
IG Koome threatened to arrest anyone and everyone who takes part in the protests, regardless of their status in society.

Read more on how Koome has handled protests in the past

JKUAT Students Protest the Killing of Their Colleague Denzel Omondi

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, JKUAT students took to the streets of Juja town today to protest the gruesome killing of one of their own, 3rd-year Quantity Surveying student Denzel Omondi.

Denzel's body was found a few days back dumped in a swamp. He had been missing since the first day of the Gen Z protests and was one of those who stormed into parliament.

Numerous Killings Reportedly Linked to the Gen Z Protests Revealed

There have been reports of numerous killings of those who took part in the first day of Gen Z protests and stormed parliament. Individuals who were captured on tape during the insurrection are reportedly being killed one by one by the forces.

Bodies Discovered in a Dumpsite in Kware Area, Nairobi

Today also marked a sad day as nine bodies were discovered dumped in a campsite in Kware area in Mukuru kwa Njenga, Nairobi. The bodies, 6 of whom were of adult females, were found wrapped in sacks.

The bodies were mostly decomposed with reports indicating that there is a possibility that the deaths of these individuals could be linked to the Gen Z protests.

The location where the bodies were found is less than a kilometer away from Kware Police Station. Irate residents were dispersed after they stormed it and tried to burn it down.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, ODPP released the following statement.

The Controversy of the Social Health Insurance Fund

The courts today nullified 3 health acts; namely the Social Health Insurance Act 2023, the Digital Health Records Act 2023, and the Social Protection Act 2023. The same court, however, stayed their ruling for 45 days, in what seems to have been a result of pressure from the executive.

The Social Health Insurance Fund, SHIF was set to replace the now collapsed National Health Insurance Fund, NHIF as the defacto public health insurer but it seems it is now on its deathbed. Doctors and health specialists have decried the undue rush by the government to implement SHIF, calling for an extension of NHIF under better contractual terms.

July 11th, 2024: President Ruto Dissolves His Entire Cabinet, Meeting One of the Demands of the Gen Z Protestors

In an unprecedented move, President Ruto appears to have been shaken by the Gen Z protests and today went on to dissolve his entire cabinet as per the demands of the protestors. Ruto scrapped his entire cabinet, essentially making it the shortest serving [at 20 months] in the country's history, and sending home some of his biggest and most notorious allies.

The move, seeming to echo late President Kibaki's playbook, comes after Gen Zs took to X, other platforms, and the streets to demand a fundamental change in those sitting at the cabinet, essentially demanding that it be scrapped entirely and new ministers appointed. A reshuffle the Gen Zs said, would do little to nothing to improve ministerial service delivery in the country. As such, they went with the slogan "Dissolve, Don't Reshuffle".

Remembering H.E Mwai Kibaki - Kenya’s 3rd President
Mwai Kibaki formulated Vision 2030 which was a plan to develop the country strategically with goals that were set to be achieved by 2030.

Read more on how the late President Mwai Kibaki is remembered here

A Cabinet of Thugs

Most of the now former cabinet secretaries [ministers] were individuals deeply entrenched with corruption with some of them even having been suspected of murders. Their tenure in their various ministries has been marked with scandal, the most recent being the fake fertilizer scandal where the government sold fake fertilizer to the country's farmers.

Corruption in Kenya: How You the Corrupt Damage Society
Corruption in Kenya is more rampant today than it has ever been. If Kenya were a sea, then it would be impassable due to the huge icebergs of corruption and corrupt government officials floating by.

Read more on Corruption in Kenya here

Viva! The Power of the Gen Z Movement Clear for All to See

The step now truly marks the power of the Gen Z movement, showing that indeed the people, and Gen Zs in particular, do have a say and that they are sovereign. As someone put it, sovereign power rests with the people and not the politicians or political leaders. Here's Okiya Omtata's view on the dissolution of cabinet.

Ruto's move is a step in the right direction, showing that he's indeed been put in a corner as he dissolved his cabinet just days after signing the IEBC amendment bill 2024, another demand of the Gen Zs. The Gen Zs, however, still demand that #RutoMustGo with several leaders advising the president to listen to the young people.

Ruto Sacks Attorney General Justin Muturi

Beyond dissolving the cabinet, President Ruto sacked the country's Attorney General Justin Muturi, who was yesterday quoted in the newspapers as saying that Ruto does not consult him and seek his legal advice, and advice from his advisers, and instead advises himself.

Former AG Muturi has since denied those remarks, saying that he was misquoted but is now out of the government. The paper had questioned why the Attorney General as the lead legal counsel of the president - and government at large - had failed to give him wise counsel.

July 10th, 2024: Raila Odinga Changes His Stance on 6 Days of National Dialogue Following Condemnation from Gen Zs

ODM Leader Raila Odinga has changed his stance on the 6 days of national dialogue announced by President Ruto yesterday. The shift comes after widespread condemnation by the Gen Zs who were very clear that they are leaderless and that Raila does not speak for them.

Gen Zs criticized Raila for what they termed as intending to "hijack" their movement and said that he's tried dialogue so many times in the past, and it has never worked. The Gen Zs made it clear that they do not want a dialogue with the Ruto regime and instead demand concrete actions. Raila came under heated pressure after his phone number was leaked on X.

Baba, as he's commonly known, took to his X account to announce that their message had been received and that he's no longer supporting the announced 6 days of a "multi-sectoral forum". Raila said that he'd heard the people in their neglect of a situation similar to his 'handshake' with former president Uhuru Kenyatta. He went on to post a picture of him in a meeting with several senators, including nominated senator Crystal Asige, who's been very vocal in support of the Gen Z movement.

MP Caleb Amisi Calls on Gen Zs to Unseat Ruto with Urgency

Saboti MP Caleb Amisi has called on the Gen Zs to occupy Nairobi, similar to what Tunisians did at Tahrir Square, and unseat Ruto within 7 days. The MP says that if the Gen Zs are not swift, the government will come up with various approaches to undercut the movement and will be very harsh on them going forward. Amisi called the Gen Zs to act swiftly to avoid Ruto becoming like Adolf Hitler who was emboldened by a failed revolution.

July 9th, 2024: Ruto Signs IEBC Amendment Bill 2024 into Law in the Presence of ODM Leaders including Raila Odinga

President Ruto today signed the IEBC amendment bill 2024 into law, following heated pressure from the Gen Zs to reconstitute the IEBC. The president signed the bill in the presence of ODM leaders including Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.

The IEBC Bill 2024 now sets the way for the appointment of a selection panel that will be tasked with appointing new commissioners.

Despite Ruto heeding Gen Zs call to assent to the bill, many Kenyans distrust the regime to do right and appoint commissioners who'll not be compromised.

Raila Calls for Dialogue to End the Current Political Stalemate

ODM leader, seemingly now in bed with President Ruto and his regime, today called for dialogue to end the government's stalemate with the Gen Zs. His remarks came after the president announced 6 days of a "multi-sectoral forum" involving 150 representatives of various stakeholders. 50 of the representatives, the president says will come from the young people i.e., the Gen Zs.

Ruto made this announcement in a joint press conference with the ODM leaders. Kalonzo Musyoka, on his part, warned leaders that if they are not careful, Gen Zs would kick all of them out of the government.

Gen Zs Reject Raila's Call for Dialogue Calling Him a Conman

Gen Zs on X and other social media platforms have rejected ODM leader Raila Odinga's call for dialogue. Raila, now seen to be in bed with the Ruto regime, has come under heated criticism with some calling him a conman.

Gen Zs feel that Raila has curtailed their efforts to push for reforms in the country and is now working with the government, not against it.

Kalonzo Rejects Raila's Call for Dialogue

Wiper political party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has rejected Raila's call for dialogue, in an unprecedented mood where he's seen to go against his Azimio-One Kenya coalition partner. Kalonzo, on X, said, "Read the mood of the people. Kenya's Gen Z have set the standard and are demanding ACTION.

Kenya would not be in this crisis if the Ruto regime had listened and addressed the No: 1 problem of the COST OF LIVING, as well as fully implementing the NADCO [National Dialogue Committee] Report."

Azimio-One Kenya Political Leaders Back Kalonzo's Stance on the Proposed Dialogue

Kalonzo's remarks seem to be backed by the other Azimio-One Kenya coalition partners. Martha Karua, on her part, posted "This is a trap[,] period." Eugene Wamalwa went on to post "I am not boarding!"

Jeremiah Kioni, in turn, posted "The Waki report, the Ndungu report, TJRC report, BBI report, the NADCO report, all this were done under "DIALOGUES" how many more??? The writing is on the wall! Implement the Constitution!"

Concerns Over Mobile Units Clause in the IEBC Bill 2024

Kioni's post comes after he yesterday noted a clause in the IEBC bill 2024 that would allow IEBC to set up mobile units like vehicles as polling stations. He shared concerns that these units could be used as a means to rig the elections.

President Ruto Announces a "Broad-Based Political Arrangement" with the Opposition

President Ruto announced a "broad-based political arrangement" between the government and the opposition in another press conference he held today. Gen Zs and Kenyans at large have taken this as an insinuation of a possible coalition or government of national unity.

Ruto said that it was important that the political parties work together to address the current economic situation and "rally the country forward". Kalonzo Musyoka was conspicuously missing from this press conference.

Medical Interns Continue their Protests Despite Heavy Rains

Medical interns yet to be posted have continued their protests at Afya House despite heavy downpours today. The interns, with the support of KMPDU, are soldering on and vowing to keep on fighting for their demands.

July 8th, 2024: Gen Zs Join Striking Medical Interns and Occupy Afya House

Gen Zs today came out in support of the medical interns' strike and occupied Afya House, the offices of the Ministry of Health. They sang songs in support of the plea of the striking interns and chanted slogans calling for the removal of health minister Susan Nakhumicha.

The doctors called for the implementation of a 2017 CBA with the Ministry of Health on the recruitment of doctor interns.

Goons Sent to Disrupt Occupy Afya House Protests

Despite the number of those turning up for the Occupy Afya House protests being minimal, some goons showed up - seemingly sent to disrupt the protests. The goons were, however, stopped by the anti-riot police present and retreated.

Gen Zs noted just how entrenched criminals have become as a tool for politicians to quell dissent.

Intern Doctors Spend the Night at Ministry of Health Offices Vowing Not to Move Until Their Demands are Met

In what is a novel move in Kenya's protests, intern doctors who have yet to be posted spent the night at the Ministry of Health's Afya House headquarters vowing not to move until their demands are met.

The interns held a night vigil at the location and went on to sleep at the gate furnished with sleeping bags and food supplies.

July 7th, 2024: Gen Zs Hold a Memorial Concert in Honor of their Fallen Heroes and Commemorate Saba Saba

Gen Zs thronged to the recently renovated Uhuru Park to attend a concert held to commemorate the lives of those who lost their lives during the protests. The youths also commemorate Saba Saba, a day when Kenyan youth stood up against the then Moi regime back in 1990.

The Gen Zs waved Kenyan flags in solidarity with their fallen heroes and chanted "Ruto Must Go!" as the names of the fallen were read out.

The concert remained peaceful and the police were guarding the park. When the protestors were leaving, they took pictures with the anti-riot police surrounding the park. A fella even joked asking the officers to throw the crowd just one tear gas canister.

Others marched peacefully to Nairobi CBD where they sang the national anthem and chanted slogans.

There were no clashes with the police, instead, the officers kept off the protestors.

Gen Zs Throng Churches to Commemorate their Fallen Heroes

Across the country, Gen Zs flocked to churches to commemorate their fallen heroes. They celebrated those who lost their lives during the anti-finance bill protests with song and dance.

Others told of the experience of losing loved ones to the protests and condemned the police for killing the protestors.

Others lauded the courage of the protestors and vowed to keep fighting.

Celebrating Okiya Omtata: Gen Zs Celebrate Activist Turned Senator During the Uhuru Park Memorial

The Gen Zs celebrated renowned activist turned senator, Okiya Omtata as he took to the stage during the Uhuru Park Memorial on Saba Saba.

Omtata has been an avid defender of the Constitution and human rights. He's fought numerous regimes, through the courts, when they went against the constitution.

Some Gen Zs even encouraged Omtata to vie for President come the 2027 general elections vying their support for him.

Gen Zs Lend Support to Striking Medical Interns, Vowing to Occupy Afya House

The doctors union in the country, KMPDU announced that its medical interns would be going on strike to push the government to action a 2017 collective bargaining agreement, CBA. The CBA pertains to the employment of intern doctors, dentists, and pharmacists and their absorption into public service. The Gen Zs on X and other platforms vowed to join the doctors on their march as an additional method to apply pressure on the government.

July 6th, 2024: LSK Rejects President Odhiambo's Recruitment on the Presidential Task Force to Audit Public Debt and Terms it Unconstitutional

The Law Society of Kenya, LSK has rejected the appointment of their president Faith Odhiambo to be part of a presidential task force to carry out a forensic audit of Kenya's national debt. The LSK through its CEO released a statement questioning the constitutionality of the task force, ascertaining that the role of auditing public debt constitutionally lies with the office of the auditor general.

The LSK, on top of terming the task force unconstitutional, went on to refer to a case still in court on ascertaining the role of the auditor general.

Backlash Against IEK

Conversely, The Institution of Engineers of Kenya, IEK, came under a lot of backlash for celebrating their President Eng. Shammah's recruitment to the presidential task force. Many people have asked what an engineer has to do with auditing public debt when the IEK itself has failed to see through the facilitation of employment for engineering graduates

Allegations that X Influencer Kevin Monari was Paid Off to Host X Space with the President

The most biting news of the day is the allegation that X influencer Kevin Monari, alias Osama_otero, was paid to host the president's X space. Some X users have even gone as far as to suggest that he wasn't actually abducted but faked the abduction, in cahoots with the Ruto administration, and had instead been whisked to state house for talks on his bribe.

Mounting Backlash Against Monari

There has been a lot of backlash against Monari following these accusations as most of the Gen Z involved in the protests feel that he has betrayed the cause and sold out to the enemy. Monari was a friend to Beasley, one of the slain heroes during the demonstrations, and instead of going to his funeral, Monari was busy playing the role he was allegedly paid to do at state house.

A friend of his and Beasley's, Moh was very angry on an X space Kevin hosted, calling him out for being a traitor and a Judas.

To understand why people are so mad at Monari, his friend Beasley's last tweet was him calling for Monari's release after allegedly being abducted.

Kipchumba Murkomen Calls for Lifestyle Audits for Public Servants

Disgraced Cabinet Secretary for Transport Kipchumba Murkomen was back in the limelight three weeks after he recently came under increasing backlash from the Gen Zs for his opulent displays of wealth.

Murkomen's outfits, shoes, and watches have been the subject of a lot of criticism and have symbolized just how those in power have gone on to enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers. During a burial today, Murkomen called for yearly lifestyle audits of all public servants, in an arrogant speech where he also lauded the president for 'listening' to the people via the X space.

Gen Zs Call for a Continuation of Protests

Gen Zs called for a continuation of the ongoing protests, urging their countrymen and women to soldier on. The Gen Zs are very creative and have gone above and beyond to capture the spirit of Kenya's democracy. A good example is a short film by one of the Gen Zs, showing just how bad things got in the struggle.

The Fear is Gone!

The Gen Zs of this country are really something and one of the most remarkable things we have seen in these protests is that actually, the fear is gone! The Gen Zs do not fear the police or those in power. A perfect example is this video showing a Gen Z telling a policeman to 'anguka nayo' which can be translated to 'go with the flow', urging the officer to dance along with him.

In another post, you can see Gen Zs have photoshopped Kimani Ichung'wa as a woman, talking to his 'beb' Ruto.

In another instance, a speaker on national TV said that the president had captured the parliament by the balls.

Just see the bravery of these kids when they stormed into parliament.

Heroes Laid to Rest

Numerous burials have been held for the heroes who lost their lives during the Gen Z protests. These individuals fought nail and tooth for our country and we shall always remember them as heroes.

Mother of Slain 12-year-old Boy Says His Body was Taken on their Way to Bury Him

The mother of slain 12-year-old Kennedy Onyango, says that the body of the boy was taken by police officers while she and family and friends were on their way to bury him. Kennedy Onyango was killed by police officers during protests in Ongata Rongai.

Reports indicate that the father of the boy objected to where the boy would be buried, and instituted the incident, claiming that the boy should be buried in his paternal home. The father is, however, said to be a deadbeat and to have never cared for the boy and is instead in pursuit of a payday.

July 5th, 2024: President Ruto Attends X Space and Engages Gen Zs on Various Issues

As stipulated yesterday, President Ruto today attended an X Space by Kevin Monari, alias @Osama_Otero, termed '#EngagethePresident', where he engaged Gen Zs on various issues. The President also answered questions on numerous issues including the incessant corruption in his administration, his doublespeak on various issues, police brutality during the Gen Z protests, and the consequent loss of lives, among many others.

What stood out are his claims that 12-year-old Kennedy Onyango, who was murdered by police, was actually murdered by a 'criminal' who had snatched a gun from a police officer during the Gen Z protests in Ongata Rongai last Tuesday. Ruto then went on to say that that particular 'criminal' was then shot down.

Gen Zs to Ruto: Shape Up or We'll Vote You Out

Interestingly, the Gen Zs present in the space called for a fundamental shift in the approach of Ruto's government threatening to vote him out come 2027 if things don't change. When the Gen Zs lamented on govt officials' opulence and arrogance, Ruto admitted that indeed some of those in his government have shown "obnoxious opulence" and even spoken "out of tongue" saying that he's sometimes called some of these individuals and given them a "piece of his mind."

Gen Zs Hold Rival X Space to the President's in Support of Fallen Heroes in the Gen Z Protests

Despite the President's X Space going on, numerous other Gen Zs held and attended a rival X Space, termed 'Official Jacob Juma Space: Justice for Fallen Heros', where they discussed issues pertaining to the current stalemate. The youth lamented of Ruto's lies, opulence by ministers and other officials in his government, police brutality, and a worsening high cost of living, among others.

The Gen Zs also used this opportunity to reinforce their commitment to holding Saba Saba protests on Sunday, as a way to push their anti-Ruto agenda further.

Ruto Orders Several Changes in His Government in an Attempt to Quell Gen Z Protests

Before attending the #EngagethePresident X Space, President Ruto called an impromptu press conference in State House Nairobi and ordered several changes in his government. The changes include the following.

Budget Cuts

President Ruto proposed a budget cut of KES 177 billion announcing that the government would borrow the difference. This is after the President said that the withdrawal of the contested 2024 Finance Bill would have far-reaching implications. Ruto said that the funds would be used to recruit JSS teachers and intern doctors, finish stalled projects, continue the fertilizer subsidy, and settle debts owed to coffee and sugarcane farmers, among others.

Dissolving 47 Government Parastatals and Cutting Budget Allocations for Spouses' Offices

Ruto ordered that 47 government parastatals with overlapping or similar roles be dissolved and their staff be transferred to other parts of government. According to him, the 47 parastatals would then be integrated into parent ministries as a way to save on their operational costs. Ruto further went on to say that he would fully cut budget allocations for spousal offices including the office of the first lady, spouse to the vice president, and spouse to the prime cabinet secretary. Ruto also added that all civil servants above the retirement age of 60 would retire with immediate effect.

Cutting Govt Advisers by Half and Suspending Unnecessary Travel by Civil Servants

Ruto then announced that he'd cut the number of government advisers by half with immediate effect. He also went on to say that he'd suspend 'unnecessary' travels by government officials and civil servants. The latter comes after numerous government officials including himself were criticized for partaking in numerous overly expensive and unneeded foreign travels. For instance, Ruto himself recently traveled to the United States in a luxury jet, bringing with him a huge delegation that even included comedians and actresses.

A Presidential Task Force to Audit Public Debt

The president also today created an 8-member presidential taskforce to audit Kenya's public debt. To head the task force will be Nancy Onyango, a former IMF official with the task force featuring LSK President Faith Odhiambo as a member. The task force would be 'independent' and would report on Kenya's debt in three months.

Raila Speaks: ODM Leader Urges Church Leaders to Speak Truth to Power

Speaking at the funeral of Maina Wanjigi, former minister and father to Jimmy Wanjigi, ODM leader Raila Odinga finally spoke after a long hiatus while he campaigned for an African Union, AU post. Raila called on church leaders to speak truth to power if something goes wrong i.e., if the government proposes or implements policies that are oppressive to the people. Raila called on the leaders to go back to when they were at the forefront of fighting for the plight of the people whenever politicians and government worked against the people.

Raila to Civil Servants: Choose Between Public Service and Business

Raila went on to challenge civil servants and government officials to choose between public service and engaging in business. According to Raila, public officials should not be allowed to undertake business activities as this breeds rampant corruption and incentivizes politics as a way for personal enrichment.

Raila Lauds the Gen Z Protests

Raila then went on to laud the Gen Zs for their protests and together with former MP Maina Kamanada, called on the Gen Zs to continue fighting for a better country. Kamanda urged the Gen Zs to push on and continue their struggle for a better country as the country is in their hands. He said that his generation is now getting old and is looking at the Gen Zs, and youth in general, to steer the country forward.

Kenyan Gen Z protestors out on the streets | Live Megathread 🔴: Gen Z Protests in Kenya 2024 | Mania Africa
Kenyan Gen Z protestors out on the streets. Photo by Hassan Kibwana / Unsplash

July 4th, 2024: Thursday's Protests Muted

Today's protests were muted, with only several parts of the country witnessing protestors on the streets. Despite anticipation of yet another Thursday of Gen Z protests, it seems that the Gen Zs conspicuously chose not to come out. Many of them were, however, active online, with a shift in strategy citing a need for 'Saba Saba' protests this Sunday, 7/7/2024. Saba Saba is swahili for 7/7.

Protests were, however, held in Ongata Rongai with protestors mourning the 12-year-old boy, Kennedy Onyango who was killed by police in last Tuesday's protests. The mourners carried a casket in honor of the boy while screaming for justice for his family.

The protestors also chanted Ruto Must Go!

Other protests were held in Emali and Kilifi.

Reports Indicate Possible Reduction of Ministries

Reports just in indicate that President Ruto may be looking to trim the number of ministries in his cabinet to 15 from the current 22 ministries. The reports indicate that as a result, 7 cabinet secretaries (ministers) will be out of jobs, as will numerous parastatals that will likely be incorporated into parent ministries as departments.

The move comes after pressure from Gen Z on the corruption and incompetence of numerous ministers and their ministries.

President Ruto Expected to Host an X Space to 'Dialogue' with Gen Z

President William Ruto is expected to host an X Space tomorrow to 'dialogue' with Gen Zs in search of a solution to the current stalemate.

Rival X Space to Be Set Up by Gen Zs

Numerous Gen Zs have, however, rejected this move with some vowing to get on an X space of their own saying that they'll leave only the President's 'sycophants' to dialogue with him.

The Gen Zs said that they'll 'rage' on their own X space and will name it in honor of Jacob Juma.

Others have suggested changing their X profile pictures to Jacob Juma's photo and then attend the president's X space to irk him.

Brave Protestor: Her Name is Shakira Wafula <3

CNN Kenyan journalist Larry Madowo finally had a chance to meet the brave protestor who dared the police to move her during the initial 25th June protests. Her name is Shakira Wafula and she's just adorable.

Shakira was on the streets protesting yet again and vowed to keep turning out in support of the current protests in the country.

The Torch Bearer: Late Jacob Juma's Role in the Current Gen Z Protests in Kenya

The late Jacob Juma was a business man and similarly to Chris Msando, an IT official in the country's electoral body, IEBC who was murdered back in 2016 allegedly as a way to tamper with the 2017 election results, Juma was murdered for his criticism of politicians. Juma has come up quite prominently in the current Gen Z protests as many of his tweets before his assassination apply and make sense in the face of the current stalemate.

Juma was very vocal against the government of the time and numerous political figures, calling for a revolution back then. He was buried with a lit torch and a dagger, as per tradition, with the torch meant to help him trace his murderers in the afterlife and the dagger to exact vengeance.

Interior CS Kindiki: No One was Abducted, Those were Arrests

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki today appeared on Citizen TV where he refuted claims that numerous influential figures in the Gen Z protests were abducted. According to Kindiki, no one was abducted and what everyone is calling abductions were arrests with each of the people taken given a reason for their arrest, as required by law. Some of those abducted, however, refuted his claims.

July 3rd, 2024: Charlene Ruto Addresses Gen Zs

The President's daughter, Charlene Ruto addresses Gen Zs vowing that she understands their plight and what they've been going through including unemployment and the high cost of living. Charlene said that "the challenges we are facing as a generation are real and pressing," going on to say that "we are all feeling the impact of our current economic situation." She further added " I want you to know that your engagement in our nation's affairs is not just welcome but essential. They all contribute to the vibrant democracy we are building together."

Gen Zs Reject Charlene's Intervention

Despite the message seeming to align with what you'd think Gen Zs want to hear, many have rejected Charlene's message citing that she is enjoying privilege emanating from taxpayers' money.

The Gen Z went on to criticize her for her previously announced 'Office of the First Daughter' seeing it as yet another unnecessary post in her father's administration.

The Gen Zs were also clear that she does not speak for them.

Gen Zs Announce Saba Saba Protests

Gen Zs on X and other platforms have proposed a revival of the Saba Saba protests which were held on 7th July 1990 in protest against the then autocratic regime of Mzee Moi, Kenya's second president.

The protests were hugely successful despite a heavy clampdown by Moi's regime and ultimately led to Kenya's return to multiparty elections. For years, only one party, Kanu (Moi's party) could participate in elections.

Among the issues Gen Zs cited for the renewed Saba Saba protests will be further reforms including the resignation of president Ruto. The hashtag for the protests is #SabaSabaMarchForOurLives.

Dissolve the Cabinet, Don't Reshuffle

Following numerous reports that President Ruto is planning a cabinet reshuffle, after admitting that the ministers/cabinet secretaries may have failed the country, Gen Zs on X and other platforms have called for a complete dissolution of the current cabinet and not just a reshuffle.

Gen Zs feel that the CSs have been very incompetent often seen to be too busy partaking in international trips and opulence and not working enough to have meaningful impact in the country.

Rejecting the Pay Rise for MPs and Other Govt Officials

Gen Zs have cited being appalled by the announced pay rises for MPs and other government officials, prompting several MPs to announce that they will personally not take a pay hike as stipulated earlier.

July 2nd, 2024: 'Hired Goons' Infiltrate the Nationwide Gen Z Protests

The Gen Z protests kick off nationwide in Kenya with Nairobi being the most affected. Here's a protestor's 'why' for taking to the streets today.

Things, however, turned violent as individuals believed to be hired goons infiltrated the protests and caused widespread property damage.

Numerous supermarkets and businesses are looted, with the police engaged in heated confrontations with the goons, some of whom are armed.

The actions of the goons prompted Gen Z to retract for the day, with prominent X users urging them to go home and live to fight another day.

The script, they say, is that the government hired goons to paint the protestors as violent and uncouth, in hopes of prompting the sympathies of the people to turn against them.

Tom Mboya Protesting

Perhaps in a twist of fate, the day saw an image of a statue of Tom Mboya, an assassinated Kenyan politician, wearing a mask and goggles, and holding a #RejectFinanceBill placard as if he was participating in the protests.

ODM Addresses the Nation and Announces the Recalling of 6 ODM MPs who Voted Yes for the Finance Bill

In a televised address, the Orange Democratic Party, the defacto opposition party in Kenya, makes a statement that notes the president's being out of touch with what the protestors are demanding.

Through its Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, ODM congratulates the protestors and salutes them for their movement. According to him, the movement amounted to a vote of no confidence against the Ruto administration.

Sifuna also says that the party will recall six of its MPs who voted Yes for the Finance Bill. Present is ODM leader Raila Odinga who doesn't speak but leaves Sifuna to do the talking.

Pay Rise for Civil Servants Despite Heated Anti-Govt Protests

While protests were ongoing in Nairobi and other parts of the country, news came in that civil servants including the president, ministers, and MPs would be getting a pay rise starting 1st July as previously ratified by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, SRC.

July 1st, 2024: Gen Z Call for Nationwide Protests on Tuesday 2nd July

Gen Zs, via X and other social media platforms, call for nationwide anti-government protests in Kenya. They ask for protestors to be peaceful and give instructions on what to do if someone is arrested while undertaking the protests. The protests were termed as #OccupyEverywhere.

The Power of Social Media in Mobilizing Gen Z Protestors in Kenya

Amid all that has happened, what's to marvel at the most is the pivotal role that social media sites such as TikTok and X have played in mobilizing Gen Z protestors in Kenya to come out into the streets to protest. TikTok and X, formerly Twitter, have been front and center in these protests, heralding an era of the power of social media in social justice.

June 30th, 2024: Shocking Abduction of Former MP Alfred Keter

Former Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter is seen being abducted by unknown individuals in a shocking video where he is taken in front of his wife and children who are heard screaming in the video.

The video has prompted widespread condemnation of the tactics the authorities have resorted to in the face of the Gen Z protests. The former MP said that he was questioned on his association with former president Uhuru Kenyatta and current Vice President Rigathi Gachagua.

Keter's wife had this to say after he was released.

Reconstitute the IEBC, Protestors Tell Ruto

The protestors now call for a reconstitution of the national electoral body, the IEBC. There are, however, concerns that this would be done wrong if it is undertaken under the Ruto regime as he's likely to appoint commissioners that would favor him in upcoming elections.

Unplanned Protests in Nairobi

There were unplanned protests in Nairobi with protestors marching in the CBD in honor of their fallen heroes.

The protestors even marched in droves to the national referral hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, to donate blood in aid of those injured during the Gen Z protests.

June 29th, 2024: From Anti-Finance Bill Protests to #RutoMustGo

The Gen Z protests morph into a campaign against the president and the way he's run the government since taking office in August 2022. The Gen Zs express their discontent with the Ruto administration using hashtags like #RutoMustGo to send home their message.

Ruto's government has been gripped with numerous scandals involving corruption, the embezzlement of public funds, and lack of national development with numerous government-allied politicians even reopening various projects completed by the previous regime.

Here's Ruto's story as reported by Aljazeera.

Worldwide Support for Anti-Ruto Protests

The anti-Ruto protests have garnered widespread support even from Kenyans in the diaspora and their native counterparts.

President Ruto Addresses the Nation in a Televised Roundtable with Journalists

In what seems to be a panic move, President Ruto holds a televised roundtable with journalists. In the roundtable, he is met with tough questions from journalists; that make him look to be out of touch with the plight of the people. For instance, when asked whether he is aware of a boy who was shot 8 times by the police during the protests, the president answers: "he is alive, right?"

The address is seen to work against Ruto and the protestors and the nation as a whole are dismayed by his seeming completely out of touch with what is happening in the country. Pundits even question who his advisers are and why they seem to be giving him the wrong advice.

Gen Z protestors hang off a bus during anti-finance bill protests | Anti-Finance Bill 2024 Protests in Kenya | Mania News
Gen Z protestors hang off a bus during anti-finance bill protests. Photo by Hassan Kibwana / Unsplash

June 28th, 2024: The Occupy Churches Movement

Gen Z on X and other platforms call for the occupation of churches and for leaders of religious institutions to not allow politicians to take to the pulpit and address congregants.

It's mostly the case that politicians will go to church on Sunday or at fundraisers and burials and be allowed to take to the pulpit and spread their political agenda. Gen Zs called for an end to this, prompting numerous religious institutions to deny politicians a chance to speak and even cancel attendances of political figures to their church services.


Here's what David Ndii, an economic adviser to the president, had to say on the role churches play in the political scene in Kenya.

He also sends a message to the administration admitting that they themselves have fueled the protests with their actions.

June 27th, 2024: Growing Backlash Against the MPs that Voted in Support of the 2024 Finance Bill

There is growing backlash against the MPs that voted to support the 2024 Finance Bill with MPs like Oscar Sudi having their businesses attacked and vandalized. A nightclub in Eldoret (Ruto's backyard) named Timba XO, owned by Sudi, was attacked by a mob of angry protestors and vandalized. Sudi is a close ally of President Ruto and this attack emanates from his support of the Finance Bill and also his extravagant display of wealth, which has ballooned since Ruto took office. This and the killing of protestors by police have fueled countrywide disdain for the president and his corrupt administration.

An Opulent Administration

Like Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi who's been seen to publicly splash money, with instances where he's contributed KES 20 million in a fundraiser, close allies to President Ruto have been seen to be extremely opulent raising questions on the source of their wealth. Examples include Thika Town MP Alice Ng'ang'a who is seen in the photo below flaunting wads of cash and Zaheer Jhanda seen in a video flaunting his expensive vehicles.

MPs who were relatively middle class are now seen wearing watches, jewelry, and shoes worth tens of thousands of dollars with most now owning choppers that they use all the time, and even owning expensive real estate. Gen Zs believe that this is a clear indication of the systemic corruption in Ruto's administration and are irked by how callous the MPs are with the taxpayers' funds.

The situation is so bad that Homa Bay Women Representative had this to say in the aftermath of the Gen Z insurrection.

Second Day of Anti-Govt Protests

The second day of anti-government protests is held with the KDF seen to patrol the streets of the nation's capital, Nairobi. In what may come as a shock to many, the KDF did not engage the protestors and were instead cheered on by them.

Protestors gladly escorted the military officers, in their heavy armored trucks and tanks, throughout the city. In some situations, the protestors paused their confrontation with the police, to give the military way.

The police, on their part, were seen to still fire live rounds at protestors as is seen in the video below taken in Mombasa.

Standing Tall

Throughout the country, protestors remained unphased with some even inhaling teargas and asking for a more potent 'strawberry' flavor as seen in the video below.

Other protestors hitched a ride on a water cannon truck, showing their defiance of efforts by the authorities to clamp down on the protests.

Some protestors opted to play ball in the streets and use a police truck as the goalpost.

Others did push-ups in the face of water cannons.

Havoc in Ongata Rongai

As afternoon approached and spilled over into the evening, there was heated unrest in Ongata Rongai, a suburb of Nairobi where live rounds were shot at protestors by the police. Police engaged protestors in running battles resorting to firing live bullets at protestors culminating in deaths, including the death of a young boy.

The police not only killed protestors but were seen looting and stealing TVs in Rongai.

Githurai 'Massacre'

There are unverified reports that police killed dozens of people in Githurai, a suburb of Nairobi on one of the nights following the 25th June protests. The story has been somewhat killed by mainstream media which has failed to report on what really happened and how many lives were lost. Citizens on social media indicate that the number of those who were killed by police could be in the hundreds. The BBC did investigate and released an article refuting the alleged massacre. Even so, days later ODM Sec Gen Edwin Sifuna lamented on the president's callousness to the issue in his televised roundtable (as reported above).

Armed Protestors in Eldoret

In Eldoret, William Ruto's hometown, a group of protestors armed with clubs are seen patrolling the streets in a seeming push against Gen Z protestors. It is later discovered that these are likely to be hired goons tasked with quelling the protests in Eldoret which make the president appear unwanted even in his political and ancestral backyard.

June 26th, 2024: The Death Toll Rises From the Gen Z Protests in Kenya with Reports of Numerous Abductions

The aftermath of the June 24th Gen Z protests is marked with reports of even more deaths than earlier reported with human rights groups reporting that many more protestors had been killed.

The groups also report that numerous organizers of the protests had been abducted and were being held incommunicado against the provisions of the laws of the land.

A Leaderless, Partyless, and Tribeless Movement

On their part, the Gen Zs, through social media, indicate that their movement is leaderless, partyless, and tribeless and that they do not have a leader or central authority.

This proves to be true as the authorities, who are believed to have conducted the abductions, find out. Those abducted are interrogated on who the leaders of the movement are and who are their financiers. They are clear that the movement is leaderless and has not been financed by anybody. A few of them, like Kasmuel McOure, are later released.

Needless to say, the authorities are in a tough spot, not only for their heavy clampdown on the protests but also because there is no one person who is leading the movement and hence no one to pressure or maim into ending the stalemate. It was the case that there have also been plain-clothed rogue police entities clamping down on protestors as seen below. Such entities are believed to be behind the abductions.

MPs who Voted Yes to the Finance Bill 2024 Targeted

The Gen Zs target the Members of Parliament who voted to push through the finance bill, supporting its move to the president for assent.

Despite the president's refusal to sign the bill into law, the protestors are irked by the impunity that got the punitive law through parliament in the first place, with the homes and offices of the 'Yes' voting legislators attacked and even incinerated. An example is Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa's property where protestors brought down a wall with their bare hands as seen below.

The Kenyan Defence Forces Deployed to the Streets

In a surprise move, the Secretary of Defence in Kenya, Aden Duale, releases a gazette notice deploying the Kenyan military, or KDF, to the streets to quell the protests. MPs then head to parliament the morning after the invasion of parliament to ratify this move. Gen Zs online called for the military to exercise restraint.

President Ruto Relents and Declares that He Will Not Assent the 2024 Finance Bill

In a televised address, the nation's president, William Samoei Ruto, relents and declares that he will not assent the 2024 Finance Bill into law. He also says that he has listened to the Gen Zs and thanks them for their push for reforms in the country.

He also refers to 'criminals' taking part in the protests and vows to have them brought to book.

Former President Uhuru Calls for Calm and Says that 'Nothing is Set in Stone'

Former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta releases a statement calling for calm in the nation. He goes on to say that it is the mandate of leaders to listen to the people and that 'nothing is set in stone' that cannot be changed; understood as referring to not only the finance bill but some pundits also saying that the statement speaks to Ruto's regime.

June 25th, 2024: Gen Z Protests Kick Off in Kenya

A day that many will remember in infamy, the youth of Kenya, particularly Gen Zs, organized and mounted one of the biggest protests the country has seen, in opposition to the Finance Bill of 2024.

A protestor armed with a poster and a face mask in the 2024 Gen Z Protests in Kenya | Kenya Gen Z Protests 2024 | Mania Africa
A protestor armed with a poster and a face mask in the 2024 Gen Z Protests in Kenya. Photo by Hassan Kibwana / Unsplash

The movement, heralding hashtags including #RejectNotAmend and #OccupyParliament, saw the protestors breach the walls of the Kenyan parliament buildings and get into the house, where legislators had hours earlier passed what the protestors termed the 'punitive' Finance Bill of 2024.

The Role of the IMF in Gen Z Protests in Kenya

The Finance Bill 2024, Gen Zs believe, is a product of the IMF and other external entities trying to control the fiscal policy of Kenya.

It's what some pundits have called neocolonialism.

Opinion: Kenya is Suffering Neo-Colonialism Propagated by Christianity
and WSR is in the middle of it all

Read more on how Ruto used Christianity to recolonize Kenya here

Credible reporting indicates that the IMF instructed the state to ignore the anti-tax protests further showing how such institutions have become the puppeteers and Ruto's administration their puppet.

Police Use Live Bullets Against Protestors

The infamy of the day was the reaction of the police to the peaceful protestors with the officers teargassing the protestors, dispersing them with water cannons, and even going as far as to kill at least 5 protestors after they fired live rounds at protestors.

The police even went as far as to teargas medical camps set up to treat the injured and give first aid. The Gen Z say, however, that they will not relent. Some even went as far as to dare the anti-riot police to remove them from the streets as did this beautiful woman below.