Hustle Movie Review

Bo Cruz is a fantastic basketball player that Stan finds by chance while on a scouting trip to Spain.

Hustle Movie Review

Hustle is a 2022 Netflix basketball drama movie about a basketball scout finding a player he hopes will help him make his comeback in the NBA. Hustle stars Adam Sandler who plays Stanley Sugerman, the basketball scout and later assistant coach, and Juancho Hernangomez who plays Bo Cruz, the upcoming and unknown Spanish star basketball player.

Troubled Background

Bo Cruz is a fantastic basketball player that Stan finds by chance while on a scouting trip to Spain. Bo, however, has a troubled background and is struggling to fend for his daughter, Lucia, and his mom, Paola. He works construction but is such a good basketball player that Stan thinks he could be an All-Star great.

The Sixers

Stan works for the Philadelphia 76ers and is appointed assistant coach by team owner Rex. Rex, however, dies, and his son Vince takes over. Vince makes a bad decision to draft a player who Stan thinks he shouldn’t and realizes his mistake. He [Vince] then appoints Stan to look for the missing piece (a phenomenal draft) who will complete the team and increase their chances of winning the NBA championship. Vince pegs Stan’s assistant coach job on him finding this player, and Stan is forced to get back out there and look.

Bo, 'the Cruz Missile'

Stan, on meeting Bo Cruz, talks to him and his family and promises him a huge payday. He tells Bo that an average NBA player is paid $900,000 and brings him to the US, to Philly, to be drafted by the Sixers. However, Stan ends up disagreeing with Vince, who is still not convinced that Bo is that good of a player after he plays dismally due to challenges from an upcoming star player, Kermit. Stan ends up quitting and takes on the responsibility of Bo, including his tab since he came to the US.

Hard Work

Stan sets out to train Bo in hopes that his friend Leon will get him a slot in the NBA Combine, a platform for NBA hopefuls to portray their talent. Bo trains ridiculously hard, just like Rocky did in Rocky Balboa, and ends up becoming better. He is, however, denied a slot at the combine and Stan brings in former NBA Star Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving to help Bo’s name get out there. They launch the #BoaChallenge on social media, and Bo ends up becoming a social media sensation and is given a slot in the combine. Dr. J names him Boa alluding to a constrictor snake that chokes and crushes its prey.

Never Back Down

Bo isn’t excited, however, about getting in and Stan realizes that he is missing his daughter Lucia. Stan flies Lucia and Paola to the US and Bo is ecstatic upon seeing them. He goes into the combine and performs well. He is impressive but something Kermit says ticks him off, and he almost punches him. Bo also has a criminal record after an altercation he had with his ex’s boyfriend and the incident at the combine doesn’t put him in a good light. Things fall through and he and his family decide to fly back to Spain.

“They Can’t Kill You if You’re Already Dead”

While just about to board his plane, Bo is called back by Stan after they are given a slot at a private game with NBA officials in attendance and star players playing. Bo performs well and doesn’t mind any insults from Kermit after Stan tells him that “they can’t kill you if you are already dead”.


Stan is heavily motivating to Bo and he [Bo] finally arouses interest from an NBA team, the Celtics, who later draft him. Stan, on his part, gets his assistant coach job back, at the Philly 76ers, after Vin is replaced by his sister, Kat. Vin was running the team to the ground and Kat decides to take over. The movie ends with Stan’s team playing against the Celtics and him greeting Bo and secretly rooting for him. The movie features a lot of current and former NBA stars who are 'as themselves' in the movie.

Our Rating

A beautifully motivating basketball movie, Hustle is a must-watch. It invigorates all those motivation and hard work emotions and strings, just like Rocky Balboa did. We loved it and give it an 8.5/10. Adam Sandler does a wonderful job as Stan and the movie is just a beautiful depiction of overcoming struggle and hardship, bringing out that successful part of ourselves, and making it to the greats.


Is Bo Cruz a real NBA Player?

Yes. Juancho Hernangomez plays Bo Cruz and he is a real-life NBA player who plays for the Utah Jazz. He is a number 41 who plays in the center and power forward positions. He is also Spanish and was drafted into the NBA in 2016.

What are the Best Motivation Quotes from the Movie Hustle?

“Obsession is gonna beat talent every time.”

“I love this game. I live this game. And there’s 1,000 other guys waiting in the wings who are obsessed with this game. Obsession is gonna beat talent every time. You got all the talent in the world but are you obsessed? Is it all you think about? Let’s face it, it’s you against you out there. When you get out there you’ve gotta think I’m the best guy out there, I don’t care if LeBron’s playing.”

“Kobe used to get up at 4:00 AM so he could practice before practice.”

“I don’t care about that shot. It’s about the next shot and the next shot.”

“It’s not about the last play. It’s about the next one.”

“When you train for a marathon, you don’t run 20 miles the day before the race. You do nothing… You could get hurt or worn out.”

“More important than taking a shot is how you handle missing a shot.”

“We’ve done this a hundred times. This is just another workout.”

“You got to be an iceberg out there, all floating around, and sharp and taking down ships.”

“Never Back Down.”

“You’re an iceberg. Focus. Kick some a**.”

“Be strong. Be an oak tree. Be a strong oak tree. For you and for others.” - Mania News

“They can’t kill you if you’re already dead.”